Titles and abstracts

Day Time Speaker Title
Sun 9:30am Toghrul Karimov The model-checking problem for linear dynamical systems
11am Ruiwen Dong Decidability problems in infinite semigroups
2pm Martina Maggio Analysis of linear time-invariant systems with and without linear controllers
4pm Bruno Salvy Positivity certificates for P-recursive sequences
Mon 9:30am David Purser Linear dynamical systems under floating-point rounding
11am Mihir Vahanwala On robustness for linear recurrence sequences
2pm Rupak Majumdar General decidability results in concurrent system verification under context bounds
4pm Florian Luca Universal Skolem Sets
Tue 9:30am Lutz Klinkenberg Generation functions in probabilistic programs
11am Clara Lacroce An AAK theory approach to the approximate minimization problem
2pm Valérie Berthé Strong convergence for infinite products of matrices
4pm Emre Sertöz Separating period integrals of quartic surfaces
Wed 9:30am Joël Ouaknine Skolem meets Schanuel
11am Armand Noubissie Diophantine approximation meets Ultimate Positivity Problem
Thu 9:30am Marcel Moosbrugger Probabilistic loop analysis with recurrences
11am Joris Nieuwveld The Skolem Problem and rational zeros
2pm James Worrell Transcendence of Sturmian numbers over an algebraic base

28 April – 5 May, 2023